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Welcome to Charlotte Camera Club! We are a growing, active club of photographers spanning all ages and skill levels. We offer a fun mix of opportunities and ways to participate.

Our meetings are held on the second and fourth Thursdays of every month except the months of November and December (no second meeting those months).  Meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. and conclude by 9:00 p.m. We normally meet at St. John's Episcopal Church at 1623 Carmel Road, in Room 205, but are having virtual meetings during the pandemic. Members and guests are invited to arrive a little early to socialize before the meeting begins.

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We hope that you will browse our website and visit a meeting soon.

Next Meeting: Thursday, September 9, 7:00 PM




Lewis Katz

By first looking at some black and white images from iconic photographers we will discuss the reasons to convert to monochrome: timelessness, contrast, mood, pattern and emotion. Using personal imagery the black and white conversion process will be demonstrated using both Lightroom as well as Nik software. Why you should always shoot in color and then convert to monochrome and the importance of the color channels in the conversion process. The emotional impact of black and white versus color will also be discussed. How to create more dramatic and powerful images using contrast as well as creative composition. This presentation is a unique combination of the “how to” with the “why and when” which sets it apart from other programs in regards to black and white photography.

Lewis had a camera in his hand from the age of 14. Inspired by his father he began to explore photography more seriously in high school with a darkroom in the basement. Fast forward many years to his life in Baltimore and his joining the Baltimore Camera Club. Further inspired by his peers Lewis became an award winning photographer and photography teacher. He currently teaches at Johns Hopkins University, the Community College of Baltimore Country, Capital Photography Center out of DC as well as at the Baltimore Camera Club. He lives for the aha! moments which only teaching can provide.

MEMBER SHARING: Lorraine Shannon - “Lyra in Black & White”

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

You can also dial in using your phone.
United States: +1 (408) 650-3123
Access Code: 974-063-725
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QCC #1

An image for QCC #1 (Qualifying Club Competition) is due Sept 15 by midnight. The competition is optional, but I encourage you to participate. However, only those with a current Charlotte Camera Club membership can participate. Renew your membership here: http://www.charlottecameraclub.org/Membership.asp

When choosing an image to enter, use the attached Image Assessment document to review your photos. Image size is no wider than 1400 pixels and no taller than 1050 pixels. Upload your photo here: https://charlottecameraclub.smugmug.com/upload/qGm45m/QCCUpload

See full Instructions for submitting images here:
Download instructions for submitting images

After Sept 15, I will send an email listing all the images received. At that time, if you submitted an photo and don't see it listed, you will have the opportunity to re-submit.

Phil Echo will be the judge for QCC #1 on October 8.

2021 Scavenger Hunt

It’s time for the CCC 2021 Photography Scavenger Hunt. The list of 10 items/themes/subjects is below. Print it out and bring it with you as a handy reference when out shooting.

The idea is to get as many as you can, but try for all of them. Images only qualify for one category. For example, your “Doors” image might also fit the “Broken” category, but it can’t count for both. You have about 2 months to shoot. You’ll turn in your images by midnight Dec 1 and we’ll show the results during our Dec 9 online club meeting.

The scavenger hunt is completely optional. It’s not a contest. It’s meant to be a fun exercise to help you get motivated to shoot something different and think creatively. However, this activity is for Charlotte Camera Club members only. If you need to renew your membership or would like to become a CCC Member, click here.

Do not use existing images from your files – the idea is to get out, shoot and have fun!

1. Pink
2. In Camera Abstract (e.g. zoom, double exposure, camera movement, etc.)
3. Negative Space
4. Back Light
5. Flash
6. Very Low Light / Night Sky
7. Things that start with the letter L
8. Doors
9. More than One
10. Broken

Below are instructions for uploading your Scavenger Hunt photos. I’ve also attached the original email with Scavenger Hunt topics.

Scavenger Hunt Image Instructions:
Images – Submit only one image per item/theme/subject. An image might fit two items/themes/subjects, but you have to choose one.

Naming – Please name your images using the NUMBER of the scavenger hunt item as it appears on the list, followed by your NAME. If you don’t have a photo for one or more of the topics, skip that number(s). Example: 1-yourname, 2-yourname, 3-yourname, etc.

Sizing – Use the usual dimensions. Horizontals should be no wider than 1400 pixels and Verticals should be no taller than 1050 pixels.

By midnight Dec 1 images should be uploaded to:

o Drag and drop the images you wish to upload or “Browse Computer”.

o When the upload is complete, you can click View Completed files to review which were uploaded successfully.

o When finished, click the “Done” button in the upper righthand corner. You will be redirected to the Gallery where your images should appear. (If they do not appear there, wait a minute or so and refresh the browser.)

o There is no undo or way to delete an uploaded image. If you have an image that was uploaded in error, you will need to send Eric an email with the file name so he can delete it.    e_notheisen@comporium.net

52 Week Photography Challenge

This challenge will encourage participants to take and process an image each

week for inclusion in the 52 Week Challenge Gallery on the Charlotte Camera
Club Website.

Rules of the Challenge
1. Use the attached list of Weekly Themes.
2. Images must be taken during the week of the challenge.
3. The weekly challenge runs from Monday to Sunday, and an image must be
submitted to the website by midnight on the Tuesday following the close of

the week. Images submitted after Tuesday will not be posted.
4. Resize images to no more than 1400 pixels on the long side by no more
than 1050 pixels on the short side.
5. The file name format:
<Week Number>-<Submitter’s Name>-<Image Title>.jpg
6. The image must be uploaded to the following link: NOTE: This is a new link.

8. Only one image per week per submitter is allowed.
9. An image does not need to be submitted every week. Some weeks can
be skipped, but do as many as you can.
10. There are no prizes beyond bragging rights.
11. Here is a link to the challenge document: 
52 Week Challenge
12. View your Upload

A Walk In The Woods


Water Lily


Me By Wait




Header Image: Linda Springer; Body Images: Lewis Katz